Book buying options and reviews

There are an ever-increasing number of places you can find my book. Some Barnes & Noble brick and mortar stores carry it (Tigard, OR for those in the Portland area) as well as many breweries featured in the book (Boise Brewing, Barley Brown’s, pFriem, Breakside, Public Coast, Santiam, 3 Sheets, … Read More

Hitting the Jackpot at Brasserie St. James in Reno, Nevada

Someone recently tried to tell me that craft beer would never make it in Reno, Nevada because everyone in town is into the big brands like Coors and Bud. Statements like that make me immediately doubt the credibility of the source and call “bullshit”. Just the week before, I visited … Read More

Paradise by the Pint: Maui Brewing Company (Partial Chapter)

Approximately 2,513 miles northeast of Kihei, Maui in frigid Albany, Oregon, I excitedly unwrap a hefty-sized gift on Christmas morning. By its shape and weight, I boldly predict that I’m the newest member of some beer of the month club. But as I tear away the festive paper, what greets … Read More


Hi! I’m Kirk Richardson, and I’m immersed in the craft beer scene. As an long-time food and beverage writer, there’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing stories about the world’s great independent breweries and the creative minds behind one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

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